Artist Statement

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New brightly colored abstract, modern,original, images in blue, turquoise, silver and fuchsia come on the scene. In my new series for spring I’ve created contemporary, decorative art with swirls and spirals, waves and curves, lots of circles, and some feather like shapes. These paintings are cheerful and uplifting, unique and inspiring. They're filled with spirit and soul. Colors pop and designs move and awaken the senses. Nina says, “My works are inspired by music, nature, the people I love, my higher self,and chocolate. I capture the emotional and intellectual energy of my vision through a process of structured spontaneity. That means that I make the structure with my medium that makes the circumstances that set up spontaneous events. These events result in color, form, motion and surface. My desire is to evoke within the observer an opportunity to connect with their own inner sensibilities and experiences. I like to help them delve into and connect with their own subconscious feelings through the art. I’ve done a good job when people can connect with a deeper part of themselves through my work. When I paint I’m the translator of a visual expression which conveys the essence of my life experience. Hopefully when someone is to look at my paintings they can feel a sense of getting lost in the painting. They can loose time and space for a minute and get caught up in the moment, feeling a sense of love and surrounded by joy, they can loose a sense of any worries or problems just for a few moments. My purpose is to try to create a sense of joy in people when someone looks at my work.

My art is abstract expressionism. I think my work is influenced by Miro'. I really like Chagalls work, although my work doesn't look like his.I usually start with sketches. I draw sketches of my work in pencil and when I've found something I really like that I think is worthy of becoming a painting then I save it for drawing on a painting. I then paint my background in watercolor with brushes. After this, I draw my design on top of the background. I'm not sure exactly how I'm able to paint and draw this way except to say my art comes through me. I'm a channel for my art. It actually amazes me every time I draw something that I really like because it isn't my regular physical mind that could ever come up with such great stuff. It comes from some other higher part of me. Besides painting I also study new consciousness and I think some of my images are influenced by this. When I look at how much I've been drawing circles that are intersecting other circles I think they seem like symbols of people being interconnected to other people in communities, but also partially having their own separate identity as well. When I look at how much I've been drawing arrows these seem to me to be symbols of spiritual direction and motivation. I have a sense of there being a actual spiritual direction, not being lost, and also a way to get there. The circles within the arrows maybe evoke a sense of being centered and cohesive, having a meaning and a reason but also having a direction. I like to use bright colors. The bright colors are very optimistic to me, they are very cheerful. I'm very, very in love with the colors I use. They are very important to me. I use turquoise, violet, fuchsia and ultramarine blue obsessively. I'm actually madly in love with these colors. I feel so extremely happy when I see them, and so sad when I see other colors like brown or orange or Grey. Some of my new paintings look very playful like kids playing. I like these new pieces. They remind me of my child like wonder, and my ability to keep a childlike sense of playfulness and open mindedness about there all ways being new dreams that can come true.